We had the opportunity to create a dream home for a growing family, nestled in a beautiful, spacious, and idyllic green setting. This new build was designed to harmonize with its surroundings while providing ample space for the family to grow and thrive.

We had the privilege of bringing to life a two-storey wrap-around extension for a young couple. The project was uniquely special as the architectural plans were thoughtfully designed by their father-in-law. This personal touch added a layer of sentiment to the project, making the process and the final result even more rewarding.

We embarked on a landscaping project for a growing family, inspired by a design they discovered on Pinterest. Our goal was to maximize their outdoor space while bringing their Pinterest-inspired vision to life, creating a beautiful, functional area for the whole family to enjoy.

We took raw boulders of slate and masterfully masoned them into tiles. These were then used to construct a bespoke fireplace and chimney breast feature piece. The result was a stunning visual centerpiece that beautifully framed the log burner, adding a touch of rustic elegance to the space.

We transformed an old garage into a spacious haven for a customer with a unique retirement hobby: restoring imported American camper vans. The demolition of the old structure and the construction of the new, larger garage provided the perfect space for this customer to pursue their passion in their golden years.

garage continued

We had the unique opportunity to transform an old chapel into a functional living space. By fitting steels, we were able to construct a mezzanine floor, adding an additional level to the space and enhancing its functionality without compromising the chapel’s original charm.

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